English-Russian dictionary of aviation and space materials . 1972.

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  • Baylis-Hillman reaction — The Baylis Hillman reaction is an organic reaction of an aldehyde and an α,β unsaturated electron withdrawing group catalyzed by DABCO (1,4 diazabicyclo [2.2.2] octane) to give an allylic alcohol [Baylis, A. B.; Hillman, M. E. D. German Patent… …   Wikipedia

  • Baylis–Hillman reaction — The Baylis–Hillman reaction is an organic reaction of an aldehyde and an α,β unsaturated electron withdrawing group catalyzed by DABCO (1,4 diazabicyclo[2.2.2]octane) to give an allylic alcohol.[1][2] This reaction is also known as the… …   Wikipedia

  • Reacción de Baylis-Hillman — Saltar a navegación, búsqueda La reacción de Baylis Hillman es una reacción orgánica de un aldehído y un compuesto orgánico insaturado con un grupo atractor de electrones, catalizada por DABCO (1,4 diazabiciclo[2.2.2]octano) para producir un… …   Wikipedia Español

  • industrial polymers, major — Introduction       chemical compounds used in the manufacture of synthetic industrial materials.       In the commercial production of plastics, elastomers, man made fibres, adhesives, and surface coatings, a tremendous variety of polymers are… …   Universalium

  • Living polymerization — In polymer chemistry, living polymerization is a form of addition polymerization where the ability of a growing polymer chain to terminate has been removed Ref|1. This can be accomplished in a variety of ways. Chain termination and chain transfer …   Wikipedia

  • Liste des numéros ONU — Cette liste répertorie les numéros ONU utilisés dans le transport de matières dangereuses. Sommaire 1 De 0 à 100 2 De 100 à 200 3 De 200 à 300 4 De 300 à 400 …   Wikipédia en Français

  • Living free radical polymerization — is a type of living polymerization where the active polymer chain end is a free radical. Several methods exist. IUPAC recommends[1] to use the term reversible deactivation radical polymerization instead of living free radical polymerization .… …   Wikipedia

  • List of IARC Group 3 carcinogens — Substances, mixtures and exposure circumstances in this list have been classified by the IARC as Group 3: The agent (mixture or exposure circumstance) is not classifiable as to its carcinogenicity to humans. This category is used most commonly… …   Wikipedia

  • Liste des cancérogènes du groupe 3 du CIRC — Cette liste énumère toutes les substances, mélanges et circonstances d’exposition évaluées à ce jour et classées dans le Groupe 3 (inclassables quant à leur cancérogénicité pour l Homme) du CIRC. Sommaire 1 Agents et groupes d agents 2 Mélanges 3 …   Wikipédia en Français

  • National Emissions Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants — The National Emissions Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAPs) are emissions standards set by the United States EPA for an air pollutant not covered by NAAQS that may cause an increase in fatalities or in serious, irreversible, or… …   Wikipedia

  • Organomercury — compounds Organomercury refers to the group of organometallic compounds that contain mercury. Typically the Hg C bond is stable toward air and moisture but sensitive to light. Important organomercury compounds are the methylmercury cation,… …   Wikipedia

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